lundi 1 mai 2017

Amazing ERASABLE stamps and pens FRIXION- Jenna no manga Review

I made this video out of the blue!

My daughter (Mini-chan) started school and I have to organize myself. How to organize yourself when you have 2 young kids and a husband that is very forgetful?!

With planners, organizers , calendars, schedule.. You name it haha!

The problem was that I had to correct things that were cancelled, rescheduled or just plain mistakes, and I did not have space to write everything I needed to write in my planner for my daughter's school (because a 4 years old in Japan have Prime minister's agenda...)

So I purchased super cool and cute Frixion by pilot stamps and pens (yes sailormoon pens XD ).

In the video we will review these amazing erasable stamps and pens. I feel that they are "must haves" for planners and organizers!

 Here are some links to similar pens and stamps that appears in the video (affiliated) :

Frixion colors :



Frixion stamps :

Japan :


Frixion 3 colors :



They might be sold out . If that is the case when you check them  sorry ^^"
-Jenna no manga