jeudi 27 avril 2017

Learn weather words in French - Easy lesson with Jenna no Manga (and best books about life in Japan recommendation)

In this video I will teach you about French words and sentences to talk about the weather in French. Again this is an easy French lesson illustrated with Faber Castell watercolor pencils (affiliated link).

I actually tried to make another illustrated video some kind of storytime about life in Japan but I did not like the result.

I have so many things to share for the blog but I find it complicated to write French, English and Japanese in the same bubbles. I am thinking of creating several blogs in different languages.

I mean if I had the time and energy that is what I would do...

But if you really want to read about life in Japan in comic forms, I still recommend the comic books of Texan in Tokyo (affiliated links)  :

My life in Japan.

Confessions of a texan in Tokyo

My japanese husband thinks I am crazy

These are fun books about real life in Japan as a foreigner, and about being married to a japanese man in Japan . I so want to write a book about my experiences here so I really admire that she went for it and did just that (^-^)