mercredi 19 avril 2017

Learn feelings and emotions in French - an easy French lesson with Jenna no manga

I made this illustrated French language lesson about learning French feelings and emotions. It is an easy lesson for beginners and it is kids friendly so that my daughter can actually pick some English and French. She did not know the word I used for "surprised" in French so I am glad I made the video.

I used my faber castell watercolor for my illustrations (affiliated link). I am a beginner but I absolutely love my faber castell pencils I have regular ones as well I hope to improve my skills this year so I am not sure about drawing with my tablet yet and the future of this blog.

I want to thanks people who supported me again, I know I look emotionnal in my last videos but a lot is happenning.

samedi 1 avril 2017

Why I left Youtube and deleted my videos. My experience leaving my channel and Internet.

I finally answer in details why I left youtube and why I deleted my videos.
I really wanted to bring the vlog back Casey Neistat's style but my anxiety is pretty strong.
It was not an easy decision to quit Youtube and the Internet but I guess at the time it was for the best. 
I just wish I had been able to post something similar before quitting my channel.