mercredi 17 mai 2017

Quick and Easy BENTO with tamagoyaki - Jenna no manga cooks

Using a cute japanese box let's make a kawaii japanese lunch box with tamagoyaki( my how to make tamagoyaki video : It is a very easy japanese cooking video and is quick to make. This one I made thinking of my child so it is also easy to eat. I will add the amazon links to all the bento goods I use below for US and Japan (affiliated):

US :

Pig bento box :

Silicone cups :

Bento picks :

Just bento cookbook :

Japan (not daiso goods) :

Pig bento box :
Silicon cups :

Bento picks :

10 minutes great bento 朝10分で褒めらる弁当:

Again sorry if they are sold out when you check them :)