mercredi 31 mai 2017

Start vlogging AGAIN?! - Jenna no manga talks


Bringing back the vlogs,?! Start vlogging again? Today I will have a small youtube talk about the future of this channel. I made a video explaining why I left Youtube and deleted my videos but it was 20 minutes long and it seems that people did not listen to all of it (who blames them XD). It is not a rant , it is shorter, just talking .

So to sum up this blablabla : the family will not return, I will not show my face in the new videos (it is the reverse face reveal) and sharing Japan should not come in the way of my family enjoying Japan so it cannot be like before. Sorry if I did mislead some people thinking it will return like it used to 😣
- Jenna no manga

I forgot to upload this vlog on the blog cause I am a busy woman (it spells L.A.Z.Y. busy )