mardi 13 octobre 2015

Great movies and book about women in Japan!

Hi there!

I rarely randomly post on my blog but I am going to add recommendations of books and movies about women in Japan to my site!

These are about white women but I think  as foreigners in Japan 90% of what a black woman or a white women experience in the country is pretty similar!

I wish I was able to write a book about my life in Japan as a foreign woman or more specifically a black woman but I cannot focus enough!

So all you are getting is daily webcomics about my life in Japan!

Here is the store I will put a link on the side bar :

Feel free to check it out and to buy a book or a DVD...Or whatever you want lol

I have to tell you that it is an affiliate store :  
if you purchase something I will receive a pourcentage of the amount (I do not know of much to be honest XD)

But the books and the movies about women in Japan are pre-approved by me :)

 Thanks always for your support and sorry for the random post.

Jenna no Manga